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ARCH - Athanasios Argianas, Species Counterpoint

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Species Counterpoint marks the first comprehensive monograph on the polymorphous work of artist Athanasios Argianas.

It is produced by ARCH and published by Lenz Press on the occasion of the second instalment of Argianas’s major solo institutional exhibition Hollowed Water – first presented at Camden Art Centre (London) in 2020 and at ARCH (Athens) in 2021.

Alongside a generous range of illustrations, essays by three leading critics each highlight a different perspective on the artist’s work. Quinn Latimer taps into the use of language in all its varied forms within Argianas’s art, and the sonic formalities of his work; Jennifer Kabat anchors her essay in swimming, direct experience, memory and affect; and Dan Fox, from whose essay the book’s title is drawn, uses the format of fiction, animating the artworks through a back-and-forth historical and spatial time-travel, in a manner sympathetic to Argianas’s purposeful use of period style.

The book concludes with an edited conversation between the artist and the critic Martin Herbert, which provides insights into the methodology and intuition informing Argianas’s diverse practice, as well as its political and ethical underpinnings.

Designed by Jason Faulter

Measurements: 24,6 cm  x 18.9 cm

120 pages (Softcover)

Designer: ARCH
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